Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Path from Pain to Purpose

I've been going through a lot of thinking about what is my purpose and wondering if I am doing what God planned for me to do. But mostly, I've wanted to know how do I know if I'm working in my purpose.  I asked the question earlier in the year on one of my Facebook statuses how do you know what your purpose is in life. I've bought books and have been reading the Bible but still I felt lost. Several days ago I downloaded one of my favorite Christian author newest non-fiction book.  I had read her previous non-fiction book, I Shall Not Die: Living A Psalm 118:17 Existence.  From this book, I realized that I couldn't complain, and how truly important it is to have faith in God.  Now I reading, The Path From Pain to Purpose: Living A Romans 8:28 Existence (The Life Series), and already I feel like I know what God's purpose is for me. If you're going through something, you should never waver in your faith.  There are times we become afraid, and fearful if we hold on to God and have faith in Him, He will provide. Another thing, I love the way she explains why it is okay to ask God questions about things. Many of us have been instructed to not question God,  but the way she breaks it down, makes perfect sense that we can talk to Him about things without blaming or badgering.  Check the book out!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Phaedra Parks is not Allowing Anyone to Stop her Flow.

Phaedra Parks of the "The Real Housewives of Atlanta Show" is doing her thing going around promoting her book, "Secrets of the Southern Belle."  Even though, she has struggled and suffered the loss of her husband to the penal institution, she is still representing her interests by traveling and mingling with readers.  For those people who are putting her down, discouraging others to buy her book, and who just don't like her, she continues to move right along.  I'm sure that pisses off her distractors.  For a person like Phaedra, people talking negative about her and her brand probably just give her the motivation to persevere.  She continues to move right along, and she is looking glamorous doing it.  Her latest book tour stop was in Fort Worth, Texas at the Dock Bookshop.  Her fans came out in full force.

Check out her book, Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment.


Pictures from Dock Bookshop

Thursday, September 25, 2014

All About Nene Leakes

It took me a long time to jump on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta Show."  Finally, after the show had been on two seasons, and I had listened to people discuss the women I jumped on the bandwagon.  Now I can say I am a true diehard viewer.  Even though, I don't like women putting each other down, being negative and acting a fool, it's so addictive to watch a train wreck.  It's like you want to turn your head, but you cannot because you will miss something.  Even though, you believe something is not good for you, sometimes you partake just because you can.

One character and she is a popular one is  Nene Leakes.  I like her.  Let me tell you why.  She has taken sour lemons and made lemonade.  We hear that phrase all the time, but she put it into action so we could all see just how lemonade is made by demonstrating and handling her opportunities.

Nene Leakes is everywhere.  People blog about how much they hate her.  They blog to make money off her.  If they hate her, why talk about her? It's because no matter what folks say she is doing what many people would like to do.  She is finding job after job and working opportunities like a champion prize fighter.  What is there to hate about a successful working girl?  Gone Nene Leakes, keep spreading your talents around because clearly you have one that is noticeable and that my dear is making lemonade for your family and showing us all just how sweet it is to make it! Congratulations on all your success!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reviews Hurt: Taking Criticism and Using It Positively by Rose Jackson-Beavers

One of the hardest things for an author to hear is that the story they wrote wasn't good enough. We writers want to create a story everyone is talking about – the story that begs for a sequel. But what happens when the compliments don't come? How should a writer feel when the story told is not that interesting? Edward Booker, author of A Hole in My Heart, said, "I was upset.  How dare someone say something negative about my work?  It hurt.  I had never heard or read negative responses to my writing. Then one day, I read a review that said the book was good, but needed more editing.  That was surprising because I intentionally wrote some of the dialogues in the way folks spoke in the hood. So I was like why should I changed that! Then I was told in order to be taken serious as a writer, it was important to give my best. So I made the changes."
Reviews should help writers become better at their craft. If the reviews are valid, make sense and gives constructive criticism that's helpful, the author should take the information and use it positively. As a writer, you should want to be better and grow to be the best.  If readers can help you, why not listen?  After all, readers are the people who are buying your books. The information you receive may be extremely valuable and when not utilized may be just the thing stopping you from hitting the best seller's list.

The first time Edward received a negative review, he said he learned something very important, "I didn't handle criticism well. I blamed the reader for not understanding where I was coming from with my story. But I listened, learned from it and moved forward. I also had the story re-edited. That was hard."

It feels so good to get great reviews, but you cannot allow a critical one to stop you from doing something you love. There are many professions such as educators and doctors, who must update their skills regularly, because things change and nothing stay the same.  As a patient, you want your doctor to be the best and to give you the best service, so health professionals must stay relevant and keep improving their skills.  It's the same with authors; they must continue to take classes, and learn new things to write about to keep readers engaged in their books.  If you want readers to follow your work, and purchase your novels, you have to have an open mind, be willing to listen and  eager to become better at your craft. You have to present a good book.

The first time I received a bad review I called my friend who is a therapist.  I felt terrible.  She said, "Everyone is not going to like your work.  Get over yourself.  Remember even bad reviews get publicity." Another one of my friends who's a bestselling author reminded me that reviews are other people's opinions. Stop reading them if they affect you like that and keep writing and learning."

Reviews can be helpful to the author and to readers who are looking for a good book to read. Edward stated, "Reviews are valuable but when written in a spiteful way, will only make an author feel like you're a hater and not someone who is seriously giving valuable criticisms. When the information is real and helpful, then I'm willing to utilize the suggestions to change for the better."   As a writer, it is necessary to build up your courage and to strengthen your heart because you will need it through this journey of writing. Remember each step you take will make you better and stronger to reach your goals. Not all people will support you, but that's okay too. For every person who puts you down, rejects you or simply don't like your work, two more will pick you up.

Rose Jackson-Beavers is an author, publisher and freelance writer.  She lives in Florissant, MO, with her husband and daughter.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mom and the Cat

((Rose with one of the kittens from the first litter)

Most people would not believe this story, and sometimes I don't either even though I am living it.  My mother is super generous and sensitive.  She loves animals and people just the same.  If you need a place to lay your head and she has room, she will allow you to stay with her until her children get involved and put the person out. So sometimes ago, this cat shows up and walks into the house and befriend mom.  For a couple of months, the cat came to mom for food and shelter.  We all begin to notice this cat was pregnant.  One day, the cat sneaks in five new kittens.  Mom didn't know they were there hidden in one of her rooms until she heard them crying.  Several days later family members took the kittens to others.    Saturday I was talking to mom and my niece opened the door to come into the house, and in runs the cat with something in her mouth, I'm screaming, "get that cat out of here, she brought a dead animal in the house."  My nephew and another relative jumps into action. They search everywhere and cannot find the cat and her visitor.  When she finally comes out, I notice how skinny the cat is, and we realize she is sneaking her babies in the house. One by one, she brings her kittens in, every time the door swings open.  We stand and watch her as she strutted by with a kitten by the throat and takes it to her declared room.  Okay, we all feel sorry for the cute cat, but who does she belongs too and why does she keeps getting pregnant and coming to mom's home?  Well, I couldn't make the cat leave because I felt sorry for her and wanted her babies safe.  Who allows a cat to come visit, and then she brings her entire new family without permission.  Cats are like people.  If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Tomorrow, I will contact someone on behalf of the cat to come get her and her five babies. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sisters in Step

There are many people who you meet and experience new things together as you go through this life. I feel fortunate to have met these women who put trust in me in helping to get their books into the hands of readers. As a publisher, they have made me jubilant, and we have all grown to become dear friends. Since I met each lady, we all became supporters of each other and our work. We have also seen the pain, sadness and hurt as lives changed. I believe there are no coincidences and that we are all a part of God’s plan for something bigger and better. It was the way we met directly behind each other, how and why. Finally, we are all Christian Women who have been tested, but came away more determined and stronger. We are all sisters in step with life. Thank you wonderful women for being a catalyst as we each uses our testimonies to help other women. Without a test, there is no testimony!